222  Home Fragrance Candle
222  Home Fragrance Candle
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222 Home Fragrance Candle

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Feel the warmth in the room as the flame flickers on the wooden wick. Inhale this nostalgic scent as it opens with warm citrus notes which lead to a sweet blend of amber and Vanilla on a base of dark musk and sandalwood. Perfect for everyday unwinding. 

Candle Scent Notes:

Top – citrus, pineapple

Middle – amber, lavender, jasmine

Bottom - dark musk, vanilla, sandalwood.

Phthalate - Free, Eco-Friendly, Petroleum- Free.

100% Soy. No additives which means no toxins.



Tips to help your candle burn longer:

- Burn candle right to the rim each time to avoid annoying "memory rings".

- Burn 1-2 hours at a time.

- Keep the wick at approx. 1/8 inch.

- Do not leave the candle unattended.

Ingredients- 100% Organic Soy, Fragrance oil.

Package Includes - One 8oz soy candle and matches.

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