Reiki Charged Smudge Kit
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Reiki Charged Smudge Kit

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All kits have been smudged, cleansed and charged with Reiki before shipping so it will arrive to you positively charged.

Smudge Kit includes:

Sage - The burning of sage is most often associated with Native Americans, who performed ceremonial smudging to rid spaces and people of negative energy, dispel illness, and set the stage for new beginnings and good fortune.

Palo Santo - Use Palo Santo to help keep energies grounded and clear, dismissing negative energies and inviting positive energy and intentions to take their place.

Selenite, used for clearing the mind. Helps to cleanse your crystals energy. Do not wet or burn, just place with your crystal collections.

Abalone Shell: used as a tool to perform smudging rituals. Practical use is as a bowl to catch hot cinders and hold what remains of the smudging. 

Feather wand: used as a representation of the air, gently usher the energy through yout home. 

Please do not leave burning smudge unattended.


Open windows to release negative from your home.


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