Spring into beautiful SKIN!

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Spring is here! Spring represents renewal, transformation, and rebirth! Spring is a fresh start! Mother Earth is awaked from her winter slumber. I always say if New York City’s weather were spring/ summer like all year round we would exhaust ourselves. There is something magical that happens in NYC during this time of the year. I’m not sure if it is the music festivals, street fairs, the warmer weather or the extended hours of sun in the sky. Either way,  all of the beautiful people “emerge from their cocoons” with their bright smiles, fly clothes and flawless skin.
Your skin is your body’s largest organ. In order to preserve all of your skins glory it is important to create good habits that will ensure its long term health. When I think of habits, i think of routines. They are essentially the same thing, “ a settled or  regular tendency or practice.” According to writer, Andrew Ferebee, their is a structure to creating good habits. Here is an example of our night time routine using the good habits structure.
The structure is as follows:
First is “the cue or trigger,” - something “ triggers” you externally or internally that prompts you to respond with action.
Ex. When we get home we want to relax. As we begin the wind down process,  we walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror. When we look in the mirror, we are “triggered or cued” to wash our face.
Second is, “The action” which is your response to the “trigger or cue.”  The action is determined by what you want to either add to your routine or remove.
Ex. The next “action” we take is to grab our face soap, and begin to wash our face.
Finally, the “reward” is why your brain agreed to create the habit in the first place.. The reward is the positive end result you are seeking.
Ex. After washing our face, we like to first use face toner to remove leftover dirt, next we grab our jade rollers to help the vitamin C serum penetrate our skin. Lastly, we use a night time moisturizer. Creating this “good” habit will lead towards your reward, which is beautiful glowing skin!
Here is a list of 5 products we recommend you incorporate into your routine that can help your skin for the spring / summer season! Please note that this regimen can be slightly altered to adjust to your particular skin type.
1.At Stripped Ego we make an all natural  turmeric brightening soap that can be used from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Turmeric has been used for centuries to help battle acne and while calming the skin.
2.Basic Origins has a really awesome 100% natural rose water toner that is made with ingredients you can actually pronounce and are familiar with!! You even have the option to upgrade your rosewater toner with essential oils.
3.We love our Jade rollers, because they help with reducing inflammation, especially puffiness under the eyes. The jade roller can also increase blood circulation, and reduce fine lines on skin! Sign up for our newsletter to receive an update when the rollers become available for purchase!
4.Vitamin C serum is known to reveal beautiful radiant skin by combating premature aging and UV damage. Ain’t nobody got time for damage!
5.Lastly, for our night time routine we recommend using Retinol (vitamin A) based night cream. This helps with reducing skin discoloration, fine lines, and helps your own skin generate collagen!
All in all creating healthy habits is beneficial to your overall well being.Hey spring! We are ready for all your goodness! Share your night time routine with us ! #stripyourego

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