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Learn 3 Ways to Protect your Energy

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I think that everyone can agree with me when I say that the last two weeks have been really hectic. From the death of a world class leader, activist, artist, and family man, Nipsey Hussle, to Ohio state passing the Fetal Heartbeat Bill, which bans abortions after 6 weeks. But wait there is more! Three black churches were burned down in America and Notre Dame caught on fire in Paris. Have you found yourself asking the universe what is the world coming to!? With all of this chaos happening around us , it is important to protect your mental health, and preserve your energy.

“Lauren said Nip used to burn in the house before they left. Do you understand how much knowledge that man possessed? For a man to cleanse his family energies & auras before they step out into the world only shows how much of a protector he was. Dudes don’t even know what sage is.”

Lauren London said that Nipsey used to burn sage in their home before they would leave for the day,  to make sure that everyone’s energy would be uplifted and ready to handle whatever came at them. Energy is so important. According to Pamela Dussault, we can vibrate at two different levels of energy; a lower frequency and a higher frequency. The energy vibration that you send out into the universe will dictate your quality of life.

Now, let’s talk about sage. What is sage? Sage is a salvia herb that is used in its dry form when burned to cleanse, heal, bless and remove up to 94 percent of bacteria in the air around you. When sage is burned it releases negative ions which clear out bad energy. Indigenous people have used sage for centuries when smudging. Smudging, also known as saging your house, is the traditional way to clear the house, while promoting mindfulness when setting your intentions.

Here are 3 things that you can do to protect your energy and stay uplifted in tough times:

  • Smudge or sage your home
  • Here at Stripped Ego we offer a mini reiki charged loose sage “love smudge kit” for on the go and a larger reiki charged smudge kit for your daily needs.

  • Meditate
  • There is a lot of static around us right now.The world is loud! But stay in touch with yourself. Sometimes in order to hear yourself clearly you have to quiet yourself.Here is a quick meditation exercise to still your mind and body. 5 minute meditation for beginners!

  • Use marijuana and or CBD
  • It’s not for everyone, but for those of us who enjoy the calming, or creative effects of the cannabis herb please by all means indulge. 


    Protecting your energy every day is essential to creating a healthy, happy life. When you surround yourself with positive energy it allows you to vibrate on a higher frequency. Thus attracting the good things that you want in life. It begins with the release of stress and walking in your true purpose and potential.

    Breathe. Exhale. Strip your ego. Elevate.

    Xoxo, Stripped Ego

    Share with us how you protect your energy! #stripyourego

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